Monday, April 1, 2019

Jump Jam on a wet Monday morning...

Jump Jam on a wet Monday morning...this morning when we got to school it was raining. We had Jump Jam today. We danced and danced. I felt a bit bored because I don’t really like Jump jam. After Jump Jam we went to go in the class and Ms. Collins said we were going to make a blog post about it.  by Frances

Jump Jam on a wet Monday morning...this morning when we got to school it was a rainy day for us. We knew we were going to be inside for a long time.  Then we got to go outside for Jump Jam  today and also it was windy too it was like I was falling. It made me feel happy at Jump Jam.
by Estherose

Jump Jam on a wet, Monday morning...this morning was wet when I came to school but I knew we would have Jump Jam. We have it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday at 9.45. I love to dance and sing and get some exercise and I like being with my friends who also dance and sing with me.
At St Patrick’s School we are lucky because we have a canopy where we can exercise and stay dry.
by Alex

Jump jam on a wet Monday morning
Hi we do jump jam it is fun we do it after prey and after we learn about god and jesus jump jam is fun we do it because it makes as think hared and it makes us fit we do it under the shade I feel happy I did it with my friends  I really like jump jam.  by Leonie.

 Jump jam on a wet Monday it was a raining wet day in a Monday morning.After that we went to jump jam for some exercise. And then After that me and my class students went into class for Ms.Collins to do cybersmart and look at Rm 8's blog and make a blog post for them to comment on.  by Desiree

Jump Jam on a wet was a rainy day when I came to school and I thought it would be a long day inside. First we did RE and then we did Jump Jam at 9.45.  We did three songs and I like getting air in my lungs and exercising. Then we come to class I feel energised to keep going with my learning.  by Sonasi

Jump Jam on a wet Monday morning… This morning when we did  jump jam we were out under our canopy even though it was raining. It is like a big tent that keeps us dry. I like Jump Jam because we can get fit and I am with my friends. This term we have been doing it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.We know all the songs and the actions. We do it for about 15 minutes. I love Jump Jam.
by Jacob

Jump jam on a wet Monday was raining while we did Jump jam today. I  just love rain because I like water also,  it was fun doing J.J.     by Nino

Jump jam on a wet the morning at 9:45 am we had jump jam if you haven’t done jump jam before well all you have to do is follow the leaders who are leading jump jam.  If you come sometime to our school on a Monday morning you will get very tired but it’s really fun, before we did jump jam we did R.E, during jump jam we were singing ,dancing and exercising to get some of our energy out of our bodies.  Mrs Collins tried to sneak some photos of jump jam for our blogs but I saw her and her cover was now blown away into thick air after that we did cybersmart.  by Nikita

Jump jam on a wet Monday morning...on monday we did Jump Jam.It was raining heavily and it was also very cold.we did almost all my favourite songs.  Jump Jam was very fun today.  by Juilio

Jump Jam on a wet Monday morning ...usually on Monday mornings we have Jump Jam at 9.45. It is a good time because we need some fresh air after RE. We also get exercise and this helps us keep fit and happy. After Jump Jam we feel energised and ready for learning. We know pretty much all the songs and actions and one day when we are in Yr 8 we will be the leaders. Even on a wet day we can get outside for Jump Jam because we have a massive canopy that keeps the whole school dry. We are lucky.  by Israel and Ana-Stacia

Jump jam on a  wet monday morning
Jump Jam is always a lot of fun. And it can be tiring.
 When we were dancing, singing and exercising Miss Collins sneaked up on us and took a photo of us dancing . Some of us noticed her. While others didn't.
 I think we should have more Jump jam because it's fun and exercising. by Mikaela

JUMP Jam on a wet Monday morning
We prayed in the classroom and we listened to Mikey reading from the bible. When he finish Alex read a bit too about the boy who shared his lunch.After that it was RE time it was the last week of God strand. After that it was Jump Jam when we copy the leaders doing the dance moves. When that was finished Mrs George was looking for the best class and she chose Room 6 to go first to the classroom. By Sililo

Jump Jam on a wet Monday morning...
This morning when we got to school it was a rainy day and we went inside and did prayers. After we finished prayer we did our work. After that we went outside to Jump Jam. Even though it was wet we can stay dry under the canopy. Room One was the last class to come. Then we did the last song and then we came back to class. By Mikey

Jump Jam on a wet Monday Morning...

Jump Jam was very fun, but it can be very tiring.
When we were dancing, singing and exercising Miss Collins sneaked up on us and took a photo of us dancing. Some of us noticed her.
The second song, we did is our favourite one. It is called “Snappy!” We love the actions and words to this song. We need to sing and not shout when we do Jump Jam.

By Jamie

Jump Jam on a wet Monday morning

On Monday mornings it is always Jump Jam at 9.45. At jump Jam we have fun. Then Room 1 came towards the end and so they missed some songs. I like it because we have exercise and we can keep fit. My favourite song and actions is "Bob the Builder" because the words are funny.
We are so lucky at our school because even when it is raining we can go outside and get some fresh air. We have a big canopy that can keep us dry.

by Wilietony


  1. What descriptive blog posts Room 6 about Jump Jam...and yes I was trying to be sneaky in capturing you mid-dance. I really like the way you collaborated with your partner to co-construct your postings. It was very helpful to talk about what you were going to write first, and then check each others post before you published it. I used to lead Jump Jam when I taught in Rotorua so maybe next time I'll surprise you all and join the awesome Jump Jam leaders. What is your favourite song to Jump Jam to?

  2. We loved reading your individual piece of writing. It's great to know that most of you love doing jump jam and know the advantages of keeping fit. St patrick School is very lucky to have a canopy so you all can do fitness under the shade. What do you do for fitness on Tuesday's and Thursday's?